PAC Overview

All parents and guardians of students at Hillcrest are members of the PAC and are welcome at the monthly PAC meeting to contribute their ideas and involvement. Parent volunteers are elected to the executive to serve one term from October to September. Most positions are shared.

The purpose of the PAC is to support, encourage and improve the quality of education and the well being of students at Hillcrest Elementary School.

  1. To advise the principal and staff on parents’ views on any matter relating to the school – programs, policies, plans and activities.
  2. To communicate with parents and to promote cooperation between the home and school in providing for the education of children.
  3. To assist parents in accessing the system and to provide advocacy support for individual children and their parents.
  4.  To organize PAC activities and school events
  5. To contribute to the effectiveness of the school by promoting the involvement of parents and other community members.

Hillcrest Parent Partners
1. Participating on the Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

  • Attend monthly PAC meetings
  • Relay important information to parents in each division via e-mail or phone
  • Coordinate parent volunteers from each division to assist with school wide events

2. Supporting the Teacher and the Classroom
At the request of the teacher, parent partners assist to:

  • Organize drivers for class field trips
  • Coordinate parents to assist with activities such as class parties, listening to students read, etc.

There is a maximum of two parent partners per class and volunteers are taken on a first come, first served basis. Volunteers must have access to, and be comfortable working on a computer as most PAC correspondence will be distributed via e-mail.

PAC Executive

  • Executive Chairperson(s)
  • Treasurer
  • Parent Educational Coordinator(s)
  • Secretary
  • Fundraising coordinator(s)
  • VCPAC Representative
  • Member(s) at Large
  • School Planning Council Member(s)

Please check the PAC bulletin board for current PAC executive members and their contact information.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • Parent Partner(s)
  • Lice Brigade
  • Annual Staff Appreciation Lunch
  • Coordinator – Emergency/Earthquake Kit Preparation
  • School Yard Clean-Up
  • School Library Assistance

Social / Fundraising Events

  • Thrifty smile cards
  • Monthly Hot Lunch Days
  • Welcome back coffee morning
  • Spring Fair
  • School Dance
  • Family Movie Night
  • Holiday Gift Fair

Services to Parents

  • Lost and found
  • Community board / PAC board
  • Newsletter information
  • Charitable drives

For any questions, suggestions or to find out how you can get involved, please send an email to or leave a note in the PAC draw located in the front office.

PAC meetings are scheduled on the first Monday of the month from 7:00-8:30 pm in the library.